💜The Luv Wellness Within online store offers a variety of services, ranging from personally crafted, delicious, organic, Reiki infused teas and magical, herbal mineral baths to support your divine essence both inside and out.  Our fantastically flavored wellness blends were specifically created to renew and revitalize your health and promote wellness with every sip! 💜 We also offer chakra balancing,  deep relaxing Reiki wellness sessions, distant energy clearing as well as emotional freedom techniques.                                                     Pour into yourself today!  💜 

Why Choose us? 

Luv Wellness Within values the authenticity and individuality of healing herbs and the energies they provide. Without compromise, we proudly source our herbs from certified organic suppliers.  

We take special care in creating combinations of herbal blends to lessen symptoms and/ or encourage a specific desired effect, while also managing to maintain their aromatic and delicious flavors. 

Our Philosophy is to provide a service for our clients that individualizes their specific needs and requirements. 

Choose from our carefully crafted herbal teas and/or herbal mineral baths.

💜 If you don't see exactly what you're looking for,  simply contact us with your request.  We will mix a blend specifically to suit your needs!  

All of our uniquely crafted herbal remedies are blessed with universal life force energy, using a technique called (Reiki). 

This blessing is set with the intention to ensure each and every encounter with our products maximizes the health and wellness of the individual for their highest and best good.

💜 Pour into yourself today! 💜

💜" My cup of immuni-tea is my oasis in a day filled with the needs of others. I look forward to its comfort every time I lift my cup! Thank you for helping me take care of my self in such a nurtured way." 

Wendisue McCullom 
Former back up vocalist for INXS, nursing mother of 2.

About Us

Aprille Luv 

store owner

Luv Wellness Within was developed by our founder, Reiki Master Aprille luv.  She is a doting wife and a mother of 3 amazing boys. 

Aprille is passionate about bringing health and wellness to individuals on a global grassroots level.  She lives by the understanding that your power is always in the present moment.   Any changes and/or decisions you make for the better is your current personal truth!  She believes the only way to bring health and wellness to our community is through, a genuine caring and a one on one interaction, that exudes from one individual to another.

For the last twenty years, she has cared for individual clients and their families as a licensed health care provider.  She was responsible for such duties including but not limited to, providing nutritional counseling and wellness advice to her patients on a daily basis.  With a basic pharmacology and nutritional background, she has always been fascinated by the constituents of herbal medicinal combinations and their properties.

It wasn't till experiencing a near death encounter, she went into congestive heart failure, just  5 days after giving birth.   She was Diagnosed with a so-called "incurable" condition Graves Disease, an autoimmune hyperthyroid illness.  She was then faced with the ultimatum, remove or radiate the thyroid organ.

As a newly nursing mother, she was not at all comfortable with either of these extreme treatments.  She decided to change her family dynamic from the bottom up and moved to a small pacific coastal town in Costa Rica, where the population was less than 2,000.  She was called there to concentrate and learn the very necessary calling for self-love, healing, and self-exploration.   It was in Costa Rica where she was introduced to the amazing, tranquil, healing properties of Reiki.  A Japanese word to describe the technique for working with universal life force energy, that is present in all things.  Reiki promotes the bodies natural ability to relax and heal. 

She began her research experimenting with many different combinations of safe, effective alternative treatments using herbal remedies that would revivify thyroid function.

After several years, she has not only gained a healthy amount of functional herbal knowledge, we are very happy to report she has reversed her symptoms and is now free from the Graves disease diagnosis.

Her diligence and commitment to lifestyle changes, self-love and self-healing as well as using the powers of herbs prevailed!

This miraculous life experience was a profound eye-opener for Aprille.  She has vowed to empower, guide and assist those who seek a similar path to natural health and wellness.  Her goal is to continue this grass roots crusade through luv wellness within, to ensure she shares her knowledge through meaningful wellness conversations with everyone she meets.

💜 Thank you for your interest in Luv Wellness Within, We look forward to connecting with you💜